Various Novelty Items

Popular on YouTube this video shows a device built in 2014 using bicycle wheels with "groan tubes" attached. Groan tubes are related to reed organ pipes. They are sounded by a reed which moves down the pipe thus changing its length and the frequency of the note produced. Other organ pipe experiments can be seen here

Slowed down groan tubes.

cuboid shapeflourescent lights

A flourescent light cube installed in a room in an abandoned house

An induction microphone amplifies the sound of the capacitor in a camera flash as it charges and discharges. The rotating steel drum in the middle moves the balloons and triggers a microswitch which sets off the flash unit. The sound is transmitted through an amplifier and speaker onto the pen. The drum rotates the manuscript paper. The device writes its own score as it plays.

First experiments with small low voltage motors utilsed in other work that you can see here

Ethnochoreological study

man wearing gas mask sitting on stage

A small cymbal was struck and then a car horn was attached to a car battery for 30 seconds, the cymbal was struck and the horn connected again - these two events were repeated until the audience left - Holborn, London

Chance meeting between a sewing machine, guitar, bass drum and Hi Hat cymbals.

sound installations

Various multi speaker sound installations