organ pipe clusters

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↑ Randomly activated clusters of organ pipes

link to youtube video of a machine for creating meaning

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↑ Meaning machine II.

stacked table as organ pipes

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The legs of these stacked tables have been cut, hammered and welded to create organ pipes. Air is blown down the pipes from a fan inside the table tops. Each of the twelve cut legs plays a different note of the chromatic scale.

close up of table legs

100 organ pipe installation

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↑ one hundred organ pipes.

↑ Breathing pipes (out of phase) combines the work pictured above with the work for thirty organ pipes pictured below

↑ A microphone travels along the insides of a church organ from the windchest where the air is produced to the pipes.

sound inside an organ pipe

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↑ filmed inside a two metre wooden pipe

A microphone moves between two large wooden organ pipes slightly out of tune with each other.

deep organ pipes

↑ Individually recorded church organ pipes

↑ With church added

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