saxophone played by vacuum cleaner

↑ Systematic layering of every note within the range of the baritone, tenor and alto saxophones. Each ascending tone is faded in at five second intervals and then faded out in the same order after a few minutes.

angle grinder and saxophone

↑ (De)composition for tenor saxophone and angle grinder - Audiograft festival UK.

saxophone being cut up

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↑ Twelve consecutive chromatic notes on the tenor saxophone recorded to quarter inch magnetic tape. Released as part of the album Variations on Paradigm discs.

↑ Decayed magnetic tape recordings of tenor saxophone and car horns.

↑John Grieve tenor saxophone, Erwan Lamer drums recorded live in Toulouse France (1 min 44 seconds)

↑ John Grieve baritone saxophone, Martin Hackett synthesiser. (3 minutes)

inside a saxophone

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↑Baritone saxophone improvisation (8 minutes)

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