ken the robot

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↑ twelve saws, three bicycle wheels, a dustbin and two motors.

balloon machine

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↑ An induction microphone amplifies the sound of the capacitor in a camera flash as it charges and discharges. The rotating steel drum in the middle moves the balloons and triggers a microswitch which sets off the flash unit. The sound is transmitted through an amplifier and speaker onto the pen. The drum rotates the manuscript paper. The device writes its own score as it plays.

banging machine

↑An electric motor drives a bicycle wheel which raises and drops a large hammer which in turn vibrates a steel sheet.

guitar drum and hi hat machine

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↑ Sewing machine, motor, guitar, bass drum and hihat.


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↑ Two resonating devices.

two resonating devices

a resonating device

museum of modern art Oxford

↑ Two cymbals played by electric motors and two organ pipes played by a fan inside the dustbin. Museum of Modern Art Oxford UK

steel pan played by ping pong balls

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↑ This upside down steel pan is played by ping pong balls struck by a rotating, foam covered desk fan underneath the pan.

steel pan

steel pan

↑ This version combines the steel pan with a machine for cymbals and piano insides played by electric motors

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