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When building a new supermarket in Hackney, London, Tesco Stores and Hackney Council commissioned a public sound art work as part of the development. The supermarket was built on a site where formerly there had been a street (Chalgrove Road). The work was an oral history of the missing road made from interviews with people who had lived on or near it between 1910 and 1970.

ken the robot

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↑ Duet for two dustbins, half a bicycle, computer generated sounds and white noise.

man with pedal bin on head

same man with pedal bin on head

gas mask cymbal car horn

↑ A small cymbal was struck and then a car horn was attached to a car battery for 30 seconds, the cymbal was struck and the horn connected again - these two events were repeated until the audience left - Holborn, London

statue dancing

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↑ ethnochoreological study.

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