For 52 saxophones each repeatedly playing a single note. This version was realised using loops created with audio software. 

In performance the saxophonists' breathing causes the phased rhythmic variations. for tenor saxophone.

Released on VARIATIONS 2 paradigm disks PD05

For tenor saxophones.
For four tenor saxophones. Built from two lines, one ascending from the lowest note on the instrument and one descending from the highest. The two lines meet in the middle. Each of two pairs of saxophonists take it in turns to bring in the next note in the sequence thus creating a smooth glissando but also ensuring that there are always two notes a semitone apart played at the same time.
For tenor and baritone saxophones
For tenor saxophone and angle grinder - March 2014. 

A video of this performance can be seen here

For pieces of metal, F1 cars, jet engine and space shuttle.
For DC motors, cymbals, steel sheet and the insides of one and a half pianos. 

A short video showing the instruments used to realise the composition can be seen here

Randomly generated frequencies of random duration