John Grieve

boy and chimpanzee

Recent work can be seen here

Recording made from 12 analogue tape loops of tenor saxophone. Later remixed by Clive Graham and released on VARIATIONS 1 paradigm disks PD01 for tenor saxophone - released on VARIATIONS 2 paradigm disks PD05

John Grieve - tenor saxophone, Erwan Lamer - drums, recorded live in Toulouse, France 2011

Composition for Church organ - recorded live at St Michael at the North Gate church Oxford UK.

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homemade instruments

dustbin machine at the museum of modern art Oxford

Two organ pipes played by a fan inside the dustbin and two cymbals played by electric motors

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Sounds from the 20th century

Hammer activated vibrating steel sheet

An electric motor drives a bicycle wheel which raises and drops a sledge hammer. As the sledge hammer strikes a sprung plate the four foot diameter steel sheet vibrates.

performance at the Crypt, Holborn, London

Performance in the crypt of St Georges Church, Bloomsbury, London - A small cymbal was struck and then a car horn was attached to a car battery for 30 seconds, the cymbal was struck and the horn connected again - these two events were repeated until the audience left

installation at Club Disobey, The Garage, Islington, London

Commission for Club Disobey at the Garage in North London - the audience listened to this construction that included smoke alarms and car horns. The cash tills at the entrance and in the bars at the club had contact microphones attached and the sound was put through the Marshall stacks so that the audience also heard the amplified sound of the financial transactions involved in the event

angry drycleaner

This is an extract from Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth by Hastings of Malawi who were John Grieve, Dave Hodes and Heman Pathak - 1000 copies pressed on red vinyl but 700 were destroyed Papal Products 003

Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth - Hastings of Malawi


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